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A Brilliant Idea!

If you read my earlier message, you know that I had several technical difficulties that delayed the completion of the Chronicles. I started that project two years ago, and I am still working on the first draft.

The Nanowrimo is coming up in a little less than two weeks. I hadn’t started prepping, and I had no idea what I wanted to work on this year. Then it hit me-I am going to work on the next set of stories so that the entire first draft will be finished.

Brilliant, right?

In the meantime, whenever I need a break, I intend to inch the first half rewrite a little further. Consider these two opening paragraphs:

1: Donagh glanced at the clock in the center of the city garden. The clock face said that it was three hours past sunrise. Thirteen hours to go. Hmm. He pressed his lips together and glanced at the floor as he thought about the irony of it. Thirteen hours left to live. Thirteen hours left to save his kingdom, but for their sakes, they could not know about it. He had to be here, watching a parade, fulfilling his royal duties, when he should be off saving his kingdom. Thirteen hours was all he had left.

2: I should be a man today, but instead, I am a cursed Prince, a sacrificed to my father's hubris, a lamb locked up in this place waiting to be slaughtered. Donagh muttered to himself as he waved to the crowds below. He touched the cold glass, trying to feel the joy of his people as they passed by, but behind the big smiles and the casual nods, his heart was aching with self-pity. Donagh could hear their laughter, but the curse made joining them impossible.

Which of these openings do you like better? Or can the second, with a little adjustment, follow the other?

Please leave comments. I would like to know if I am on the right track.

-Thanks, V.

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