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Character: Jimmy Leeds


My character’s name is Jimmy Leeds.

Jimmy was born on March 11, 1995, in Leeds Point, New Jersey. He is Pisces. He has no specific religion.

Jimmy has a genetic disorder that is so rare that it remains undiscovered. His family has kept it a secret since its first appearance in the 17th century. Because of it, Jimmy is so physically hideous that his family has kept him and all those like him isolated from society. The have created a cabin in the Wharton State Forest. It is in the base of a huge pine tree and hidden from sight by centuries growth of ivy and wisteria. It is not visible to anyone that is not looking for it.

Jimmy’s parents are both dead. His father, William, was executed in a family ritual after exhibiting signs of violence. His mother, Judith Hall Leeds, conceived Jimmy when his father raped her. She lived with the family until Jimmy was born but died in his delivery. He was raised by his uncle Bob, his aunt Anna, and his cousins Joey and Melanie. He is the only one in his current family that has the disorder.

Jimmy is about 5’9” tall. His jawbone is elongated, much like the face of a horse. He has appendages protruding from his shoulder blades that are large enough to serve as wings. Jimmy has learned to use them to fly short distances, but they are not built to go far. His fingers and toes are long and pointed, like those of a bat.

He is Caucasian, of English descent.

His eyes, which are his most striking feature, are a deep violet. The hair on his head is black.

Jimmy was kept a family secret. He was hidden in the Leeds home until he could care for himself. At age 7, he was moved into the hiding place to learn how to live in accordance with the family rules. Stay inside. Don’t be seen. He was taught how to steal food, and how to get what he needed from the forest. His family would visit him occasionally, and sometimes his cousins would come to play. But he spent most of his life alone.

Because of his extreme isolation, Jimmy is on the verge of madness. He hears voices, but there is no way to know if it is schizophrenia or loneliness.

Jimmy likes to roam the forests. He has never been violent, but he is not above creating a scare sometimes. He is the cause of several “Jersey Devil” sightings, which he thinks is hilarious. He loves wild animals. He lives as a vegetarian because he will not eat them.

Jimmy is not usually afraid of anything. He loves to climb as high in the trees as he can. He dreams of someday having a companion to share his life.

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