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This book is about the urban legend popular in New Jersey, the Jersey Devil, but with a surprising new twist. It is in the earliest stages. I don't even have the cover yet. I hope you will join me as I work to bring this novel to you.:)


Are you an alien, exiled from your own planet, sent to float through space forever? Are you a frog prince charged with the duty to save your pond from human pollution? Whatever the story, this book is dedicated to help you keepp it moving by applying role play to writer's block.


As a developing writer, Vanessa Kristovich experienced many days when she couldn't think of what to say next. The techniques in this book have often stimulated her creativity. Now she wants to share them with you. This book also contains over 200 situational writer's prompts and the rules for several role playing games. Not a writer? Use the gamed just for

THIS BOOK IS NOT IN PRINT YET! Come back often or sign the registry for progress report.


ALERT! The creation of this book has been temporarily suspended because of problems with the technical file.

Learn Poetry-Easy!

Do you like poetry but find it difficult to understand? Then Vanessa has created this book just for you!


The first part of this book is a very basic poetry primer written with non-college people in mind.  She says: "When I first started to write poetry, I would talk about it a lot. I found that I couldn't walk in a room without finding another person who claimed to love it. Yet the sales of poetry books are way down, so much that it is hard to find a traditional publisher that will take on a poetry book. There is even a running discussion as to whether poetry is dead." Vanessa says she created this book for those who want to understand poetry better, but don't want to get a college degree to do it.

The second half of this book is a collection of more of Vanessa's very emotional poetry, including poems like A Room Full of Angry Men, which is Vanessa's description of Congress, and I Can't Get Off te Floor, which talks about how it can feel to give up personal power to a controlled substance.


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Vanessa's First Poetry

Aptly named, this is Vanessa's first published work.


This is a compilation of short stories, many of which are testimonials of Vanessa's personal experiences, and heartfelt poetry. She is reaching out to you with her tales of those private moments when it was necessary to laugh, to cry, or to love. She hopes to share those moments with you so that you will understand that you are not alone.


Vanessa's book is available at in both the Paperback and Nook versions. She is rated 4.5 stars. Her reviewers have said:


new and unusual style of writing. I had many "aha!" moments while reading this book. Can't wait for the next one!"


"An inspiring, touching and very personal anthology of poems and short stories that showcase the author's budding talent, "One Foot Out of the Box" takes the reader along on her first journey as a published author. I look forward to additional volumes in the future"


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Don't Curse the Verse

I really hate this cover. I am working on a second edition that will have a better cover and some additional content. Keep an eye out for it.

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