On a cold winter day, the anniversary of the birthday of Edgar Allen Poe, writer Vanessa Kristovich kicked her mom and hastened her entrance into this world. Raised in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, she had the sound of the crickets and the cicadas to nurture her imagination. It was only natural that her first desire would be to put pen to paper. .

Vanessa attended Immaculate Conception Elementary School in Bridgeton, New Jersey. There she was encouraged to read, both by her mother and by her teachers. She became interested in writing by the time she was in fourth grade. Vanessa was a very shy child, and the writing gave her an outlet for the things she couldn't easily say. She went on to attend Our Lady of Mercy Academy, from which she graduated Magna Cum Laude. There she won top honors for her studies in Latin, Italian, and Religion Studies. She was a regular contributor to Bridges, the school’s literary magazine.

            In 2002, Vanessa published several poems on Poetry.com. She sought out other websites that would accept her material. She submitted stories, articles and poems to several other websites including: www.Fanstory.com, www.triond.com, www.strangeroad.com, www.constantcontent.com, and many others.

            Vanessa began to search for other avenues for her poems. She became a regular contributor to Bell’s Letters Poet. She won a spot in the Bell’s Top 50 Contest often, and was in Bell’s Top 10 twice. She also won their Lines Aglow Contest twice.

            In 2009, the City of Vineland hosted a public event for veterans who managed to make it home from the various wars, and Vanessa, who is a passionate supporter of veteran’s charities, was honored to be allowed to read her poem, Our Nation Cries for Joy, at this event. Vanessa’s brother was a career officer in the USAF, and she has always loved and supported him. She was grateful to the city for allowing her to participate.

            In 2007and 2019, Vanessa won the National Novel Writing Contest for her novels, Mr. Leeds and  The Chronicles of Neamh. In the Nanowrimo, an author is challenged to write the first draft of a novel of 50,000 words within the month of November each year. In 2007, Vanessa agreed to clean up after her friend’s Dobermans if she didn’t win. She found that was enough incentive to finish it. She is currently working on the rewrite. She hopes to finish it and find a publisher by the end of this year.

            In 2010, Vanessa received an email from her first fan. This was a moment that she treasures. Someone from Saudi Arabia found her story Faith and Flight on Strangerroad.com. He claimed that it changed his life. She was pleased to know that her work was able to reach someone. She emailed him back, and they have been friends ever since.

            In 2010, Vanessa found Hubpages.com. She liked the open format of this website, and she has been writing for them ever since. She now has over 40 web hubs published or in the works. She is often on that site to create new hubs and to update her old ones.

            With the hope that it would improve her writing,  Vanessa joined the Creative Writing program at Southern New Hampshire University.  In October 2019, she graduated with an MA  in Fiction Writing.

            Vanessa has many plans for future publishing. She is currently working an a collection of short stories about the created world, Neahmn. This is a place that the citizens call heaven, because it is beautiful and peaceful most of the time. The rulers of Neahmn are dedicated to the happiness of their people. This is a mash-up of Arthurian gothic fantasy and futuristic sci-fi with a Messianic undertone. It is a world where an ancient gargoyle may sit next to an ultra modern high-rise, and the soldiers use flying horses and laser tanks.