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-Vanessa Kristovich

Live Free,


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I am an American of Polish descent (on my father's side), and as such, I have a deep desire to uphold the right of people to decide how to govern themselves. 

I am also a Christian. Jesus is my king, and he came here to teach us to live in peace and to love one another. This ab0minable war shows thar we have not learned that lesson. 

I support Ukraine. Furthermore, I will never support a megalomaniacal dictator who thinks that it is acceptable to kill babies, rape women, and destroy the homes and families in order to gain worldly rewards. I am also afraid that, if  the rulers of Russia get what they want, this will not be the end of this conflict. My grandfather's homeland is doing its best to help their neighbors knowing very well that they may be next.

With many elections on the horizon,  I want to say that I am proud of what our leaders have done so far. It shouldn't take a political genius to see the precarious position they are in. I am proud of my fellow Americans who haved stepped up to help Ukraine and to help each other. We may be feeling a little lost right now, but we are a good and loving people, and we will come to believe in ourselves again. 

I want to add that I will never vote for any candidate that supports Putin's agenda. I urge us all to do the right thing; now more than ever it is time for us to love one another.

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